Friday, November 13, 2009

Instant Enlightenment, Free Download!

The offer is for full instant and complete enlightenment, with no strings attached!

Sounds to good to be true, right?

Actually the offer is genuine!

You just have to understand the terms, the fine print! Then you must agree to the terms.

By agreeing to the terms of this Software package, you are agreeing to spend the rest of your life in service to humanity, relieving all causes of suffering, in the most skillful way you determine. You will be given help!

Do you agree? Yes / No

Further, your root causes of your own suffering will be shown to you. This may have unpredictable results, and could very possibly be uncomfortable in the short term. We promise however that once you are free from suffering you will be much happier than before. This does not involve changing into someone other than who you really are.

Do you agree? Yes / No

This training will cause you to unlearn most of the conditioning you've had up to now, due to tradition, society, religion, education and politics. Are you willing to put aside your opinions just for a little while? Yes / No

Are you willing to relinquish your right to judge, label and otherwise measure others? Yes / No

In return you will be given unbearable compassion, the vision to see deeply into the nature of cause and effect, and the wisdom to act skillfully. Yes / No

Enjoy your new software!

To call support, please sit quietly, and let things be exactly as they are.